Lords Cricket Balls

Special prices are available for cricket league and organizations along with sponsorship and gold stamping. Lords Cricket Balls manufacture over 300,000 cricket balls per year of different grades, which are being used all over the cricket playing world. Over a century of ball manufacturing experience is invested in the company. Possibly we were the first to produce a cricket ball in sub-continent, in a city called Sialkot. Just for general knowledge, almost all the balls used at test, county and minor counties level in the UK are being made in Sialkot.
We take extra care in the selection of leather/material and pay special attention to finish and polish to make the cricket balls suitable for British playing conditions. We adopt very rigorous quality control procedures, throughout the process from initial manufacturing to stamping and finishing of the balls. We follow the parameters laid down by British Standards for the manufacture, checking and quality control.


Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012, USA